Our aim is to provide safety, rapidness, comfortableness to railways


Our corporation was established in 1951 in order to design, manufacture and sell measuring instruments required for track maintenance. Until now, our business field expanded.

We produce construction and electrical measuring devices,

and also develop and install disaster preventing and

security warning devices.


Especially, “Curve lining calculator” and “Curve Teleputer” are

very unique products for track curve adjusting.

Since our track adjusting technology was verified by the Ex-Japan National Railway, we were able to participate in the construction of Shinkansens. Based on these experience and technology, we had participated in the construction of Taiwan High Speed Rail.

代表取締役社長金子 淑夫
Kaneko Yoshio



Main Principles of KANEKO

  1.   We always dedicate ourselves to our business  
                having spirit of creativity and strong resolution.  
  2.   We always dedicate ourselves to our business  

            having belief to contribute toward

             the development of our world.

  3.  We always dedicate ourselves to our business  
                 to improve our life and society.  
Our corporate philosophy is summarized in the principles inherited by Kaneko Yoshihisa our founder.
Don’t imitate, Continue innovation, Create new ideas.

Be proud of our technology. Contribute to the development of railways

not only for Japan but also for the world.

Provide high quality products and contribute to the development of the society

by sharing our profits.

By reciting our corporate philosophy every morning, we inherit our founder’s spirit and work hard to accomplish our goal.